What Can  I Do For You?

Book Design

  • Cover design
  • Interior layout
  • Other print publication such as catalogs and flyers
  • eBook-to-print or print-to-eBook conversion


  • Business cards
  • Logo design
  • Branding/re-branding assets for social media, web, and print

How Does This Work?

  1. You chat with me about your project, and we talk about what you want to make, as well as your budget and timeline.
  2. I hermit myself (eh?) and make a first draft of your project.
  3. We go through revisions until you are happy with the product.

Why Hermit's Lantern?

Why did I choose the name?

I see design as an invisible art that leaves the viewer with powerful emotional first impressions and can express the essence of a text, be that your business card or your poetry chapbook.

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Hermit is a figure of wisdom and truth that stands holding a lantern that has the image of the Star of hope inside of it, shining out across the landscape. I am the hermit; I'm based in Seattle, WA, but will work worldwide. Your project is the star inside the lantern. I'll help lift it up where it can shine.

What sets me apart from other graphic designers?

I'm open to helping at any phase of your project. I've sat down with a poet who said, "I want to make a chapbook and I have no idea how." I've worked for well-established presses. I've touched up covers and done after-the-fact conversions.

I'm flexible. I can help you if you come in with a really specific idea, or if you come in to the salon, as it were, sit down in the chair, and say, "Make me beautiful!"

I like the weird stuff. Check out my client list. I have designed everything from a deck of poetry cards to a book of queer monster tales. Have poetry with really weird enjambment? Have an idea that doesn't quite fit into templated categories? Let's chat.

Not The Droid You're Looking For?

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Were you actually looking for that time I paired stock photos with the circles of Dante's Inferno?
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